Friday, June 29, 2012

Since you've been gone . . .

Well, it's been nigh unto a coon's age since I've blogged.  It's because I've been too busy with my brood!  Since November we've had: 25 basketball games, 8 swim meets, 4 days of dance recitals, 5 math competitions, 7 track meets, 15 golf tournaments, one family tri-athalon and one half marathon.   And that's just a slice of our life.  You throw a few weddings, graduations, and a couple baby showers in there, and you have quite the overloaded life. 

In the middle of all this, we've had both lawn mowers break - at the same time, had an invasion of moths, and a few cooking episodes in which I nearly burned the house down.  We found a dead bat on the porch, and we get attacked by sparrows as we dart from the house to the car.  (We can't get the nests down, cause someone stole our extension ladder.  Which is the same reason the outside utility light has not been replaced.)

The air conditioner in our pickup quit on a 90 degree day on our way to Kentucky, so we traded it in for a van.  Can you say, 'spur of the moment'? It was actually a good choice I think.  We get to the resort, and there's a water leak in the cabin which ran all night so we had to move to another cabin the next day.  In order to fix the leak, they had to shut the water off to the whole place for half the day.  The day, mind you, of the wedding we were attending and trying to get ready for.  Fun.

Out of the blue, Gary planned this trip for he and I to go to  San Diego and just hang.  It was nice.  We drove around in this little Kia Rio, ate veggie burgers and sweet potato fries, chocolate malts made with avocados,  drank several young coconuts and heard the new Adele song about 65 times.    My daughter went to Iowa, California, and Alaska to visit some friends.  We all went to visit some friends in the Arctic Circle - or more widely known as - North Dakota - and froze.  The hosts let us stay in their pop-up camper, which is a glorified tent with a couple plastic sides. It was about 25 degrees with a breezy 40 mile an hour wind that blew ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT.  Not pleasant.  The fellowship - great - the weather - not so much.  

So - here we are, on the cusp of July - half way through 2012.  Crying about the woeful state of our nation (God help us), weeding our garden, watching Noah till 2 acres of sweet corn, and getting ready for yet another school year. 

And this is why the stay-cation was invented. 

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